Traditional Mahaco Impex Digitises with Ezitails


Mahaco Impex is a fabric import/export business with 3 vertical businesses that serve different functions and customer bases.

Mahaco operated in the traditional retail concept and used emails, excel sheets and a billing machine as part of their operations. There wanted an inventory and customer data to enhance their customers’ experience and make better financial decisions.

The Objective(s)

> Enhance the customer experience.

> Optimise and digitise the business processes.

> Adopt a streamlined sales process across each business vertical.

> Implement transparency and efficiency.

The Solution

Using the Digital Transformation Process Model, FluidMojo transformed Mahaco Implex. Fluidmojo was able to help enhance the customer experience by creating an e-commerce website and a mobile app which provided an omnichannel sales experience for customers.

We helped to develop an inventory management system to facilitate supplier management, purchase management and stock management with a forecasting module based on the sales reports.

We added and integrated a cash-flow management module to the system that helped to automate the accounting aspect of the business. This allowed the company to see in real time accounts receivables, accounts payables and view the P/L figures while automatically generating invoices for customers.

The Result

The transformation to Mahaco Implex was apparent through their automated and streamlined processes for their different components businesses. They have an increased amount of customers through their e-commerce website which boosted their sales and improved their customers’ satisfaction due to the easy sales process and attractive website.

" We were able to streamline our processes, increase revenue and cut down on substantial manpower costs. Overall we are very happy that Fluidmojo was able to help us achieve that"

Mabir, Director
Mahaco Implex Pte Ltd