Riverwalk Tandoor Uses Ezidine to Improve Management and Service Quality


Riverwalk Tandoor serves North Indian cuisine since 1998. They currently own multiple restaurants and provide catering services under Curry & Tandoor.

As the business was expanding, there were looking for ways to digitise and standardise their processes that would increase their service quality. They approached FluidMojo to help streamline their operations to better handle their management and improve their service quality for their customers.

The Objective(s)

> Unified and streamlined operational processes across outlets.

> Optimise and digitise processes.

> Increase transparency and efficiency of the business.

> Reduce manpower, paper trails and costs.

The Solution

FluidMojo developed a system, Ezidine, to allow Riverwalk Tandoor to have a centralised management system.

We developed a POS application to manage in-store and online orders by collaborating with the sales and operations team. An inventory management system to facilitate supplier management, purchase management and stock management with a forecasting module based on the sales reports was developed as well.

Finally, we managed to integrate cashflow management, customer relations management system and analytics modules to systematise the process and enhance collaboration between sales, operations, workforce and accounts team.

The Result

With Ezidine firmly in place, Riverwalk Tandoor is now able to track, monitor and control costs at its fingertips. The new system allows the client to make decisions based on real-life insights. Their processes have been standardised with the use of the system. Based on these new changes, the clients were able to analyse their financial data and reduce their costs accordingly to redirect their cost to improve the quality of their business and customers’ satisfaction.

" We were able to streamline our processes, increase revenue and cut down on substantial manpower costs. Overall we are very happy that Fluidmojo was able to help us achieve that "

Sukvin, Operations Director
Curry & Tandoor Pte Ltd and Khalsa Restaurants Pte Ltd