Dragnet Security Adopts Xone System for PLRD Grading


Dragnet Security is a security manpower agency, with over 300 manpower. They aim to digitally transform their agency by integrating the People, Process and System aspects to adhere to the new PLRD SAGE requirements, MOM requisites and CPF guidelines. They have tried to digitise these aspects using various HR management systems but it failed to automate the entire business process and meet the requirements.

The Objective(s)

> Streamline security workforce operations management.

> Implement scheduling and attendance management.

> Ensure system includes PLRD SAGE requirements.

> Create training and appraisal management.

The Solution

Xone System, an online web portal that streamlines Dragnet Security operations to enhance efficiency was developed. Xone System solves the pain points of the client with the following customisation: Workforce Management, Accounts Management, Operation Administration, Employee Login and Analytics.

Xone Systems resolved various HR issues in the security agency business such as onboarding, offboarding and appraisal management to name a few. We created a number of modules such as project planning, on-site attendance, incident and compliance reporting to secure a good grade for PLRD grading.

Lastly, with the amount of data and information available, a data analytics toolkit was provided to enable the client to make informed decisions.

The Result

Xone System granted excess time for Dragnet Security as it streamlined workflow and re-aligned their business processes. The additional time was redirected to work on their business development. This increased Dragnet Security’s revenue and improved the customers’ satisfaction as there was a drastic increase in referrals.

" We tried using excel sheets and eventually off the shelf generic HR products but we were unable to get the desired outcome. The guys at Fluidmojo were familiar with the industry and its associated problems and were able to not optimise our processes but create a system designed to really improve productivity in a very cost effective manner "

Operations Director